Monday, 10 July 2017

+Dreamcatcher+ couple poses / for L'Elite event

+Dreamcatcher+ Sweetnes couple pose with roses

couple pose (single & balls)
roses backdrop

+Dreamatcher+ Sugar girls pose
10L$ only on L'Elite event! In the store will have a full price.

5 single poses
pose balls 

p.s: before teleportation, turn on flight (this place has a problem with tp). 
If you fall, then turn on flight , flight up and go to the platform.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

+ Dreamcatcher + Vintage pose sets for L'Elite Event 10-30th May

Exclusive for L'Elite Event 10-30th May

Each set includes: 5 single classic poses and mirror for it, simple pose stend.
Clatch, umbrella and bouqet NOT included. See the links below.

+ Dreamcatcher + Alina Vintage pose set 50 L$
Clatch NOT included!
Zenith - clatch Group gift
Dead Dollz - dress

+ Dreamcatcher + Aleksandra Vintage pose set 50 L$
Umbrella NOT included!

+ Dreamcatcher + Roksana Vintage pose set 10 L$
Bouquet NOT included! 

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

+ Dreamcatcher + Domina pose set / 01 NEW Release

Exclusive for L'Elite Event / start 12 April 2017

In set included: two bento, two classic and one couple poses
Whip NOT included! It's Lisan store hunt 15 L$

Single poses coast 15 L$ each.
Couple pose included only in fat pack.

Click on the pose on this vendor to buy one of them.
Will be available in my shop + Dreamcatcher + after the 19th of April.

Domina pose 03 and 04 / classic will not animate your bento hands. For it I used the new positions of Maitreya bento arms. You can replace it with your own hand positions. :)
Whip Lisan Hunt 15 L$ NEW
(`LISAN` Paschal Bunny - Whip [Black])